Benefits To Landowners

Landowners are able to receive a reliable income generation source by leasing their land for wind farms, and are able to continue with their everyday farming activities. The financial returns depend on the number of turbines on the land, the project size, the wind speed, and the proximity to the grid and the bid tariff agreed with Eskom.

Development Process


This involves land identification, permitting, environmental impact assessment studies (EIA), bidding for government and the actual construction of the wind farm.

Operation & Maintenance

The independent power producer (IPP) has a 20 year Power Purchase Purchase Agreement with Eskom and pays the farmer a monthly income according the number of turbines on their land.

Conrad Dreyer

Dairy Farmer

Opening quotation mark

I have a long-standing relationship going back 10 years with Red Cap Energy. They understand that farming is my core business and are always willing to assist when I need them to solve issues that may arise from time to time. The wind turbines are a great addition to farm revenues and have had a negligible impact on the day to day operation of my dairy farm.”